Monday, November 29, 2010

Sketchblog Edition 92: Secure

Here they are.
The products of your patience and 2 months.

I'm sorry for the extreme delay in posting this,
but I hope it was worth it!

It was an especially busy quarter for me this time around.
It was the last quarter I will ever have to take classes
(unless they ever make a phD in Sequential Art....),
and now all I have left to do is work on my thesis!
I'm so excited! :3

But, I'm sure you're all anxious to see what I've produced for you these past two months.
Here you go!

There was this whole meme thing going on a while back where you turn yourself into a Pokémon.
This was my first attempt.
I always saw myself as some sort of weird amalgamation between a bird and a cat.
Owls seem to be a perfect combination of both. :P

One of the visiting artists this quarter to SCAD was Eric Canete,
whom, if you haven't seen his artwork or heard of him,
We were looking at a bunch of his illustrations in one of my classes in preparation for his visit, and I was so inspired I HAD to draw.
After I sketched something out real quick though, I found it very closely resembled Zero Suit Samus (which Eric Canete has indeed drawn before).
Le sigh.

I don't know. A praying mantis-inspired woman?

Facial expression sketching in the Character Design class I TA'd for!
Best. Exercise. Ever.

(All from live models.)

I got a free pass to the Savannah Film Festival this year,
for being so awesome
(or possibly for answering a trivia question which nobody else knew).
During the Film Festival, it's not uncommon to see celebrities roaming downtown.
When Tyler and I were grabbing a bite to eat at Leopold's,
I passed right by someone.
It wasn't until I sat down at my table and started eating that I looked up and saw who it was...
We would later run into James Cromwell at least half a dozen more times during the week of the Festival.
Also, Liam Neeson.
Also, Ian McKellen.
I love my life.

Here, have a Derpshark.
(More of these to come.)
Also have a babby.

I tried sketching some lambs for my sister,
but found that I simply cannot remember how they look.
I can see a lamb in my head.
But for some reason when I try to draw it,
it just comes out all wrong.
I'll have to fix this....

I sketched this real quick between giving tours around the Sequential Department one day.
I felt important.
Also, well-fed as compensation.

In our Constructive Animal Anatomy class,
we got to play with lots of animals and observe skulls and skeletons up close.
It inspired me to get back into the Plague Doctors project I had been working on last quarter.
Here's a random character design... possibly a villain.

And then, for no apparent reason,
a Yeti Farm.

See if any other nerds get the reference in this one....

More Pokémon designs.
This is designed around my creature, the Derpshark:

And this is a more human-looking Pokémon version of me:

I love my new roommate.
I don't think I've made that clear to the world just enough.
We've only known each other about a year,
but we click so well it feels like we've been friends our entire lives.
So eventually, of course, she's going to make an appearance in TAoCKF.
Here's her initial character design:

But she went to Japan, and now I'm lonely and sad. :'(

Not really.
I have lots of friends I can still talk to around Savannah.
And Lauren will be back from Japan soon,
hopefully with tons of swag like I had last year. :3

Now the sketch requests!

For IcyBootWoot, a Banshee:

For Dan, me as an incarnation of Hercules with a lion hood and a club:

For Vawn-O-The-Dawn, a Goblin:

For And-Also-Dinosaurs, Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?:

For Val, Lestat from Interview With A Vampire:

For Elaine, Aku from Samurai Jack:

For Vanawen, the Phantom of the Opera:

For CobraGFX, Sagat from Street Fighter:

For Vawn-O-The-Dawn, the Ice King from Adventure Time:

For Chris Martinetti, uh...... this thing:

For Hillary, Werewolverine:

For Reed, Magneto:

For The-Brade, Terminator (Arnold version):

For dead2, Jason from Friday The 13th:

For my loverly sister Liz, a sasquatch in the styling of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends:

That's all!
I will update tomorrow with either my artwork from Constructive Animal Anatomy class,
or my favorite photos from our animal visits!

The sketch requests are open yet again for the month of December,
and the theme is Portraits!
Simply send in your request and shoot me an email at with a photo of yourself (or someone you know whom you want me to draw) and I'll sketch you as if you were a character in TAoCKF!

Leave a comment on my deviantART journal, or below, or just send me an email requesting your free December portrait sketch!

Thanks for your patience and for your continued reading!
Love you all,
and goodnight!

Emily J. Sampson

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