Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not-Sketchblog 10: What Have You Done To My Son?!

So yes,
epic fail on my part.

I promised you more sketches today and I dropped the ball.

But I have literally been on my feet all day,
and have not taken a single break, except to eat delicious foodstuffs.

I woke up,
went to the Art Materials and Trade Show,
went to the Civic Center for a Thrift Sale
(bought a turntable for $7.50!),
went to Norris for the 24-Hour-Comic,
left the 24-Hour-Comic way early to go to a friend's birthday party,
and got home just a little bit ago.

So here I am,
and ashamed.

Forgive me?

I'll have good stuff for you soon. ;)

Love you all,
and thanks for reading
(and your patience)!

Emily J Sampson