Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sketchblog Edition 112: Ever Since You

The moment you've all been waiting for, no doubt;
part 2 of the Mega-Upload!

The Pokémon Portrait Sketch Requests!

I won't keep you.
Here they are!

Lilly Lui, a grass/water type:

Jen Hochman, a dark/ghost/psychic type:

Jessica Rank, a normal/hairy type:

Madison Henline, normal/water type:

Alice Dettman, a mewlike Pokémon (dark/psychic?):

Andy Mai, a... um... an Andy Mai type:

Ellen, a psychic/grass type:

Drew Soman, a dark/angry type:

Vawn-O-The-Dawn, a sweater/poison/steel type:

MagnusXL, a dragon/fire type:

Reed Hodge, an electric/derp type:

Heidi Black, a fire/hairy type:

Claire, a normal/water shaman type:

Squirrel (aka Sarah), a squirrel type:

Ian McGinty, a bug/water type:

Lauren Brown, my lovely roommate, a dark/dark type (she requested this :P):

Chad Steele, a sweater/dark/steel type:

Lady #1: Bridget Underwood, a scarf/grass type:

Lady #2: Lauren Duda, a grass/flying type:

Crash Sprong, a herp/derp type:

Caitlin Elise Willis, a dark/flying type:

JillLenaD, a water/grass type:

Jordan Todd, a grass/derp type:

Nico, a suit/professor type:

Jen Cram, a derp/cat type:

Lunargoeth, a water/ground type:

Matt Synowicz, a derpy/derp type:

Daniel Woodling, a derp/hairy type:

Alex Curtis, a normal/dog type:

Lady #3: Lane Ngo, a grass/cute type:

Tyler J. Kupferer, a derp/angry type (also note the guest sketch from Tyler at the upper left-hand corner):

Nate Swinehart, a grass/water shaman type:

That's all of them!

Sorry for the delay,
but I certainly hope it was worth the wait!

Thanks again, everyone!

I hope that despite my busy schedule I can upload some more sketches more frequently this time.

Love you all,
and have a good evening!

Emily J. Sampson